Descending Limb

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Countercurrent Exchange in Biological Systems - Countercurrent Multiplier - In The Kidney
... Proximal convoluted tubule It then may reabsorb urea in the thick descending limb ... Loop of Henle Descending The liquid passes from the thin descending limb to the thick ascending limb ... Further down the descending limb, the inside concentration is 500 while outside it is 501, so a constant difference of 1 mOsm is kept all across the membrane, although the concentration inside and outside are ...
Descending Limb Of Loop Of Henle - Nomenclature
... Like the ascending limb, the descending limb has thick and thin portions ... However, this distinction is not as important physiologically as in the ascending limb, so often the two are treated as one structure ... The thick descending limb is less important than the thin descending limb, so often the terms "descending limb" and "thin descending limb" are used interchangeably ...
Medial Vestibulospinal Tract
... The medial vestibulospinal tract is one of the descending spinal tracts of the ventromedial pathway ... Spinotectal Spinoreticular tract · Spino-olivary tract motor/ descending (red) Lateral Corticospinal (Lateral) · Ep (Rubrospinal, Olivospinal ... prop lower limb → 1° (muscle spindles → DRG) → 2° (Posterior thoracic nucleus → Dorsal/posterior spinocerebellar tract → ICP → Cerebellar vermis) upper limb → 1 ...

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