• (adj): Having resources completely depleted.
    Example: "Our depleted resources"
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Ducrete - Description
... kind of concrete that replaces the standard coarse aggregate with a depleted uranium ceramic material ... The key to effective shielding with depleted uranium ceramic concrete is maximum uranium oxide density ... Unfortunately, the densest depleted uranium oxide is also the most chemically unstable ...
Mir-6 Micro RNA Precursor - Apoptotic Regulation
... Indeed, there is a much increased apoptotic rate in miR-6-depleted embryos compared with control embryos, indicating that mir-6 acts to suppress apoptosis ... miR-6-depleted embryos have been found to show the strongest phenotype of all miR-2 family members, explained by their interaction with hid, the pro-apoptotic gene with the broadest expression and ... Further work into this with miR-6-depleted blastoderm embryos found pole cell formation at the posterior end of the anteroposterior axis to be disrupted, despite normality of both ...
... are metal alloys of a high proportion of depleted uranium with other metals, usually titanium or molybdenum, designed for use in kinetic energy penetrator armor-piercing ... One formulation has a composition of 99.25% of depleted uranium and 0.75% of titanium ... An emerging alternative alloy of depleted uranium is Stakalloy ...
Traveling Wave Reactor - Fuel
... The remainder of the fuel consists of natural or depleted uranium-238, which can generate power continuously for 40 years or more and remains sealed in the reactor ... Depleted uranium is widely available as a feedstock ... States currently contain approximately 700,000 metric tons of depleted uranium, which is left as a byproduct of the enrichment process ...
Uranium-236 - Depleted Uranium
... Depleted uranium used in kinetic energy penetrators, etc ... However, there have been claims that some depleted uranium has contained small amounts of U-236 ...

More definitions of "depleted":

  • (adj): No longer sufficient.
    Example: "Our funds are depleted"
    Synonyms: low