Dense Bodies

Dense bodies can refer to:

  • granules in blood platelets
  • electron-dense portions of smooth muscle which thin filaments (actin and tropomyosin namely) bind

Other articles related to "dense bodies":

Smooth Muscle Tissue - Structure - Molecular Structure - Other Tensile Structures
... The actin filaments of contractile units are attached to dense bodies ... Dense bodies are rich in α-actinin, and also attach intermediate filaments (consisting largely of vimentin and desmin), and thereby appear to serve as anchors from which the thin filaments can exert force ... Dense bodies also are associated with β-actin, which is the type found in the cytoskeleton, suggesting that dense bodies may coordinate tensions from both the contractile machinery and the cytoskeleton ...
Gerald Domingue - L-form Bacteria – Electron Dense Bodies
... Together they discovered that L-form bacteria are able to form tiny dense bodies within parent cells that already lack cell walls ... They noted that the forms, which they called electron dense bodies were so small that they could pass through bacterial filters that normally withheld ordinary bacteria with ... The electron dense bodies could persist inside tissue culture cells in the laboratory ...

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