Demon Confronts

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Running With The Demon - Plot Summary
... Meanwhile, a demon of the Void has come to the town of Hopewell ... Once a human, this demon now possesses magical powers including the ability to blend in easily among other people and influence their thoughts ... The demon has weakened the tree and the maentwrog is threatening to break free, but Nest and Pick do a patch job to strengthen the tree's integrity ...
Ronin (DC Comics) - Plot
... his dedication, Ozaki is assassinated at night by a demon called Agat in the guise of a geisha, in an act of revenge for Ozaki stealing his sword ... that he find the sword and keep it from Agat until his skills are great enough to destroy the demon lord ... But when he confronts Agat, he has a dilemma since the sword has never killed an innocent, it is not powerful enough to destroy the demon ...

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    In child rearing it would unquestionably be easier if a child were to do something because we say so. The authoritarian method does expedite things, but it does not produce independent functioning. If a child has not mastered the underlying principles of human interactions and merely conforms out of coercion or conditioning, he has no tools to use, no resources to apply in the next situation that confronts him.
    Elaine Heffner (20th century)

    The Spirit of Place [does not] exert its full influence upon a newcomer until the old inhabitant is dead or absorbed. So America.... The moment the last nuclei of Red [Indian] life break up in America, then the white men will have to reckon with the full force of the demon of the continent.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)