Deluxe Cybertron Mode

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Megatron - Transformers Animated - Toys
... Animated Activators Megatron (2008) A small version of Earth mode Megatron that transforms at the push of a button ... Animated Deluxe Cybertron Mode Megatron Battle Damaged (2008) A Deluxe class toy with painted battle damage and silver paint ... was also sold in a Walmart exclusive 2-pack with Deluxe Prowl ...
Optimus Prime - Transformers Animated - Toys
... Animated Bumper Battlers Optimus Prime (2008) A Deluxe class toy truck for younger children ... This figure, along with Legends Bumblebee, was also bundled with Deluxe Stealth Lockdown ... Animated Deluxe Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime (2008) A Deluxe class figure that transforms from Cybertronian truck to robot ...

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