Delta Wing

The delta wing is a wing planform in the form of a triangle. It is named for its similarity in shape to the Greek uppercase letter delta (Δ).

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Fleet Air Arm Museum - Exhibits - Hall 4
... include a Handley Page HP.115 (XP980) a test for the delta wing shape of Concorde, and a BAC 221 which was also part of the Concorde development ... The HP.115 was designed to explore the low speed envelope of slender, delta wing aircraft ... It featured a delta wing of very low aspect ratio swept at 75 degrees and a fixed tricycle undercarriage derived from the main gear of a Percival Prentice ...
English Electric Lightning - Design - Overview
... the use of stacked and staggered engines, a notched delta wing, and a low-mounted tailplane ... While the notched delta wing lacked the volume of a standard delta wing, each wing contained a fairly conventional three-section main fuel tank and leading-edge tank, holding 312 imp gal (1,420 l ...
Delta Wing - Aircraft Examples - Research or Prototype-only Examples
... Paul P.111 (1949) - research to investigate tailess deltas Boulton Paul P.120 (1952) - developed from P.111 Chengdu J-9 Chengdu J-20 Convair F2Y Sea Dart - unique seaplane fighter Convair XF-92 ...
Other Tailless Aircraft
1/3 scale of Vulcan Avro CF-105 Arrow - delta wing fighter Avro Vulcan - delta wing subsonic bomber Aériane Swift tailless foot-launched glider Boulton ... Mauro Easy Riser Saab 35 Draken - double delta supersonic fighter University of Pretoria Exulans glider with Stromburg wing Westland-Hill Pterodactyl X-44 MANTA ...

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