Delta Leonis

Delta Leonis (δ Leo, δ Leonis) is a star in the zodiac constellation of Leo. It has the traditional names Zosma (or Zozma) and Duhr. Rare spellings include Zozca, Zosca, Zubra, and Dhur. The name Zosma means girdle in ancient Greek, referring to the star's location in its constellation, on the hip of the lion. Based upon parallax measurements, it lies at a distance of about 58.4 light-years (17.9 parsecs) from the Earth.

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Delta Leonis - Properties
... This star is rotating rapidly, with a projected rotational velocity of 180 km s–1 ... The inclination of the axis of rotation to the line of sight from the Earth is estimated at 38.1°, which would mean the azimuthal velocity along the equator is about 180 ... km s–1 ...
Leo (constellation) - Visualizations
... The sickle is marked by six stars Epsilon Leonis, Mu Leonis, Zeta Leonis, Gamma Leonis, Eta Leonis, and Alpha Leonis ... The lion's tail is marked by Beta Leonis (Denebola) and the rest of his body is delineated by Delta Leonis and Theta Leonis ... The stars delta Leonis, gamma Leonis, eta Leonis, and theta Leonis form the body of the lion, with gamma Leonis being of the second magnitude and delta Leonis and theta Leonis being of the third magnitude ...