Decompression has several meanings:

  • Data decompression, the action of reversing data compression
  • Decompression (altitude). the reduction of pressure and the related physiological effects due to increase in altitude or other equivalent reduction of ambient pressure below normal atmospheric pressure
  • Decompression (comics), in comic book storytelling, is the stylistic choice to tell a story mainly by visuals, with few words
  • Decompression (diving), the reduction in pressure and the process of allowing dissolved inert gases to be eliminated from the tissues during ascent from a dive. Also relating to decompression (diving):
    • Decompression buoy, a buoy that marks a diver's position when doing decompression stops
    • Decompression chamber, a pressurizable chamber used to prevent and/or treat decompression sickness
    • Decompression computer, also called a Dive computer or decompression meter, a device used by a scuba diver to measure the time and depth of a dive and compute a safe ascent profile.
    • Decompression (diving)#Decompression stop, a period of time in which a diver stays at a specific depth
    • Decompression trapeze, a horizontal bar or bars suspended at the depth of intended decompression stops by buoys
    • Scuba diving#Decompression sickness decompression sickness as a hazard in Scuba diving
  • Decompression party, a party that occurs after an event or a party to unwind after a stressful period
  • Decompression (physics), the release of pressure and the opposition of physical compression
  • Decompression sickness, a condition arising from the formation and growth of bubbles of gas within the tissues of the body during and after depressurization
  • Decompression (surgery), a procedure used to treat spinal stenosis (in spinal decompression), carotid artery stenosis or any condition where a structure is being compressed
  • "Decompression" (The Outer Limits), an episode of the American television fiction series The Outer Limits
  • Herniated disc decompression, a form of treatment for Spinal disc herniation, employed by chiropractors
  • Uncontrolled decompression, catastrophic reduction of pressure in accidents involving pressure vessels such as aircraft