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National Parks of The Canary Islands
... The Canary Islands officially has four national parks, of which two have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the other two declared a World Biosphere Reserve, these national parks are Caldera de ... Garajonay National Park (La Gomera) Created in 1981 and declared in 1986 as a World Heritage Site ... Timanfaya National Park (Lanzarote) Created in 1974 and declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993, together with the whole island ...
List Of Sovereign States - List of States
... Puntland and Galmudug have declared themselves as autonomous regions of Somalia (a claim that the TFG does not recognise), while Somaliland has formed an unrecognised de facto state ... Claimed by Morocco Claimed by Moldova Claimed by Mali Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in 2008 and it has received diplomatic recognition from 95 UN member states and the ... Kosovo is a member of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group ...

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    It seems to me that upbringings have themes. The parents set the theme, either explicitly or implicitly, and the children pick it up, sometimes accurately and sometimes not so accurately.... The theme may be “Our family has a distinguished heritage that you must live up to” or “No matter what happens, we are fortunate to be together in this lovely corner of the earth” or “We have worked hard so that you can have the opportunities we didn’t have.”
    Calvin Trillin (20th century)

    Without this, as well as with it, we could have declared our independence of Great Britain; but without it, we could not, I think, have secured our free government, and consequent prosperity. No oppressed, people will fight, and endure, as our fathers did, without the promise of something better, than a mere change of masters.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    And even my sense of identity was wrapped in a namelessness often hard to penetrate, as we have just seen I think. And so on for all the other things which made merry with my senses. Yes, even then, when already all was fading, waves and particles, there could be no things but nameless things, no names but thingless names. I say that now, but after all what do I know now about then, now when the icy words hail down upon me, the icy meanings, and the world dies too, foully named.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)