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Jamshīd Al-Kāshī - Mathematics - The Key To Arithmetic - Computation of 2π
... converted this approximation of 2π to 17 decimal places of accuracy ... was far more accurate than the estimates earlier given in Greek mathematics (3 decimal places by Archimedes), Chinese mathematics (7 decimal places by Zu Chongzhi) or Indian ... al-Kashi's estimate was not surpassed until Ludolph van Ceulen computed 20 decimal places of π nearly 200 years later ...
Timeline Of Mathematics - 1000–1500
... on amicable numbers, and he also made improvements on the decimal system. 1030 — Ali Ahmad Nasawi writes a treatise on the decimal and sexagesimal number systems ... He also extracted roots using the decimal system (Hindu-Arabic numeral system) ...
Mathematical Tables - History and Use - Tables of Logarithms
... and a table for the first 1000 integers calculated to the 14th decimal place ... of thirty thousand natural numbers to fourteen decimal places (1-20,000 and 90,001 to 100,000) ... This table was later extended by Adriaan Vlacq, but to 10 places, and by Alexander John Thompson to 20 places in 1952 ...
Timeline Of Numerals And Arithmetic - Calculation of Pi
... converging inverse-tangent series for π and computes π to 100 decimal places. 1789 - Jurij Vega improves Machin's formula and computes π to 140 decimal places. 1949 - John von Neumann computes π to 2,037 decimal places using ENIAC ...
Timeline Of Mathematics - 20th Century
... John von Neumann computes π to 2,037 decimal places using ENIAC, 1950 – Stanislaw Ulam and John von Neumann present cellular automata dynamical systems, 1953 – Nicholas Metropolis introduces ... error-correcting code, 1961 – Daniel Shanks and John Wrench compute π to 100,000 decimal places using an inverse-tangent identity and an IBM-7090 computer, 1962 ... SX-2 supercomputer to compute π to 134 million decimal places, 1991 – Alain Connes and John W ...

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    All places are distant from heaven alike.
    Robert Burton (1577–1640)

    It makes little sense to spend a month teaching decimal fractions to fourth-grade pupils when they can be taught in a week, and better understood and retained, by sixth-grade students. Child-centeredness does not mean lack of rigor or standards; it does mean finding the best match between curricula and children’s developing interests and abilities.
    David Elkind (20th century)