Death Knight

A death knight is a type of fictional creature that appears in a number of role playing games. First seen in Dungeons & Dragons, it has since been used in a number of other games.

  • Death knight (Dungeons & Dragons), a monster in the Dungeons & Dragons game
  • Death Knight, a class that becomes available once you reach level 55 with any other class in World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King expansion set
  • Death Knights of Krynn, a 1991 video game
  • Loran (death knight), a death knight in the World of Greyhawk
  • "Deathknight" is a title given to the Abyssal Exalted in Exalted game.

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List Of Greyhawk Characters - L - Lorana Kath
... Lady Lorana Kath is a death knight, one of the 13 who betrayed the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom ... and she is considered the catalyst for the betrayal of the Death Knights through her seduction of Lord Kargoth ... was known as a powerful priestess of Hextor in life and was admitted into the Knight Protectors in an unorthodox manner, as a recognition for her medical skills on the battlefield ...
Death Knight (Dungeons & Dragons) - Influences On Other Games
... Further information Death knight (disambiguation) The Death Knight, as it originally was stated in the Fiend Folio has made appearances in other RPGs ... For example, the Death Knight appeared in the generic Role-Aids supplements from Mayfair Games ... One named Death Knight, Theodros, appeared in the 1985 Lich Lords ...
World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King - Death Knight
... The Death Knight is the first announced Hero class for World of Warcraft ... Death Knights, according to Blizzard developers, are able to sufficiently fill the tank and DPS (damage per second) roles ... The three Death Knight specializations are Blood, Frost, and Unholy ...
Death Knight (Dungeons & Dragons) - Publication History - Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition (2008-)
... The Death Knight is one of the creatures announced by Wizards of the Coast for the new Dungeons Dragons 4th Edition game ... The death knight appears in the Monster Manual for this edition (2008), including the death knight human fighter and the death knight dragonborn paladin ...

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    Is it sin
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