Dead Zone

Dead zone may refer to:

  • Dead zone (cell phone), an area where cell phones cannot transmit to a nearby cell site
  • Dead zone (ecology), low-oxygen areas in the world's oceans

Dead Zone may also refer to:

  • Dead Zone (album), a 2011 album by Merzbow
  • Dead Zone (video game), a video game produced by SunSoft
  • The Dead Zone (novel), a novel by Stephen King
    • The Dead Zone (film), a film based on the King novel starring Christopher Walken
    • The Dead Zone (TV series), a television series also based on the King novel, starring Anthony Michael Hall
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone, the first of thirteen Dragon Ball Z films
  • The Last Stand Dead Zone, a video game in development from Con Artist Games

Other articles related to "dead zone, dead":

Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
... Dragon Ball Z Dead Zone, originally released theatrically in Japan simply as Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Return my Gohan!! (ドラゴンボールZ オラの悟飯をかえせッ!!, Doragon Bōru Zetto Ora no ... Dead Zone was licensed in North America by Funimation Entertainment and sub-licensed to Geneon Universal Entertainment ... For its television airings, it was retitled Dead Zone Vortex ...
The Dead Zone (novel)
... The Dead Zone is a horror novel by Stephen King published in 1979 ... he can see horrifying secrets but cannot identify all the details in his "dead zone", an area of his brain that suffered permanent damage as the result of his ... The Dead Zone was nominated for the Locus Award in 1980 ...
Tomar-Re - Fictional Character Biography
... of the War of the Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and Sinestro are trapped in the Dead Zone by the Guardians of the Universe (who have become unemotional), until they encounter a mysterious ... and Sinestro's enemy, and states that they are both dead ... Hal and Sinestro are then confronted by the dead members in the Dead Zone ...
Michael Piller - Post-Star Trek
... Segan to develop a television series from Stephen King's novel The Dead Zone ... The series The Dead Zone, co-developed with his son Shawn and starring Anthony Michael Hall and costarring Star Trek Deep Space Nine's Nicole de Boer, debuted June 16, 2002 on the ... As of late 2007, USA Network canceled The Dead Zone series due to a lack of ratings ...

Famous quotes containing the words zone and/or dead:

    In the zone of perdition where my youth went as if to complete its education, one would have said that the portents of an imminent collapse of the whole edifice of civilization had made an appointment.
    Guy Debord (b. 1931)

    He turns agen and drives the noisy crowd
    And beats the dogs in noises loud.
    He drives away and beats them every one,
    And then they loose them all and set them on.
    He falls as dead and kicked by boys and men,
    Then starts and grins and drives the crowd agen;
    Till kicked and torn and beaten out he lies
    And leaves his hold and cackles, groans, and dies.
    John Clare (1793–1864)