Date Palm

  • (noun): Tall tropical feather palm tree native to Syria bearing sweet edible fruit.
    Synonyms: Phoenix dactylifera

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Sago Worm - Distribution - Host Range
... The red palm weevil is reported to attack 17 palm species worldwide ... in Southeast Asia, it has gained a foothold on date palm over the last two decades in several Middle Eastern countries, and then expanded its range to Africa and Europe ... In the Mediterranean region, the red palm weevil also severely damages Phoenix canariensis ...
Phoenix Roebelenii
... Phoenix roebelenii (Pygmy Date Palm or Miniature Date Palm) is a species of date palm native to southeastern Asia from southwestern China (Yunnan Province), northern Laos and northern Vietnam, (in Dien ... The fruit is a 1 cm drupe resembling a small, thin-fleshed date ...
Arecoideae - Uses
... Human use of palms is as old or older than human civilization itself, starting with the cultivation of the date palm by Mesopotamians and other Middle Eastern ... Date wood, pits for storing dates, and other remains of the date palm have been found in Mesopotamian sites ... The date palm had a tremendous effect on the history of the Middle East ...

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