Data Store

A data store is a data repository of a set of integrated objects. These objects are modeled using classes defined in database schemas. Data store includes not only data repositories like databases, it is a more general concept that includes also flat files that can store data.

Some data stores do represent data in only one schema, while other data stores use several schemas for this task. An example are RDBMS-based data stores like MySQL or PostgreSQL.

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... Connection The connection object is ADO's connection to a data store via OLE DB ... The connection object stores information about the session and provides methods of connecting to the data store ... As some data stores have different methods of establishing a connection, some methods may not be supported in the connection object for particular OLE DB providers ...
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... runtime provides synchronization functionality, without being tied to any data store or data transport protocols ... By providing data source specific synchronization providers, any data source can be supported ... The providers are used to enumerate the items in a data store, each identified by an Item ID ...

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