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Available Metadata Standards
... Metadata elements grouped into sets designed for a specific purpose, e.g ... Name Focus Description DDI Archiving and Social Science The Data Documentation Initiative is an international effort to establish a standard for technical ... EBUCore The EBUCore metadata set for audiovisual content EBUCore is a set of descriptive and technical metadata based on the Dublin Core and adapted to media ...
Social Graphs - External Links - Data Sets
... list of lists of datasets UC Irvine Network Data Repository Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection M.E.J ...
Seismic Unix - SU Programs - Editing, Sorting and Manipulation
... suazimuth Compute trace AZIMUTH given the sx,sy,gx,gy header fields and set a user-specified header field to this value subset Select a SUBSET of the samples from a 3-dimensional file suchw ... Data in the overlap may be determined by one of several methods suzero zero-out data within a time window swapbytes Swap the bytes of various data type transp Transpose an n1 by n2 element matrix ...
Locating Engine - Data Sets
... Location data ages with motion, thus data sets for locations must include coordinates and a time of capture ...
Resource Measurement Facility
... It also collects data for long term performance analysis and capacity planning ... The product consists of the following components Monitor I Data Gatherer which collects data in adjustable intervals from one minute to one hour ... The data is written to SMF data sets ...

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    Willing sets you free: that is the true doctrine of will and freedom—thus Zarathustra instructs you.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Mental health data from the 1950’s on middle-aged women showed them to be a particularly distressed group, vulnerable to depression and feelings of uselessness. This isn’t surprising. If society tells you that your main role is to be attractive to men and you are getting crow’s feet, and to be a mother to children and yours are leaving home, no wonder you are distressed.
    Grace Baruch (20th century)