Dark World

Dark World may refer to:

  • A location in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • A set of cards in the collectible card game, Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Pipotron J's World, better known as Virtual Space in the Ape Escape series
  • A sinister version of a parallel universe or alternate reality
  • Dark World (film), a film directed by Zia Mojabi
  • Dark World (1935 film), a film starring Googie Withers
  • Dark World (2010 film), a 2010 Russian film
  • A 1992 fantasy board game by The Dark Eye.

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List Of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episodes - Episode List - Season 3
... "Inter-Dimension Detention" / "A Battle in a Different World! The Gem Beasts vs ... Manjyome - Dark Sword the Dragon Knight" (十代VS万丈目·竜騎士ダークソード) March 7, 2007 October 26, 127 ... "Breaking of the Sacred Seal" / "The one who Releases the Seal - Martin ... 次元の扉!) April 11, 2007 November 27, 132 ... "A New World Order" / "Duel That Bets Life-or-Death" (生死を賭けた決闘(デュエル)) April 18, 2007 November 27, 133 ... "Friend or Fiend" / "Judai vs ...
La Pucelle: Tactics - Gameplay - The Dark World
... Each level has a Dark Energy Index, a measure of how much dark energy is in the area ... Acts during battle such as leaving Dark Portals unpurified, attacking the player's allies, and opening presents will increase the Dark Energy of an area, while completely ... both ways, and can be used to enter the Dark World itself ...
List Of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards - Deck Types - Dark World
... This archetype of cards consists of all Dark-Attribute Fiend-type monsters ... they are combined with cards that help discard cards from your hand, like Card Destruction, Dark World Lightning, Morphing Jar, and others ...
Ganon - Appearances - Video Games
... To protect the world from Ganon, Princess Zelda breaks the Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces and scatters them across the land, but is then captured ... Nintendo Entertainment System game A Link to the Past, trapped in a place called the Dark World—formerly called the Sacred Land, before Ganon corrupted it ... The game focuses on Ganon's attempt to escape from the Dark World and conquer the Light World, utilizing minions such as the wizard Agahnim to sacrifice the ...

Famous quotes containing the words world and/or dark:

    There are times when words seem empty and only actions seem great. Such a time has come, and in the Providence of God America will once more have an opportunity to show the world that she was born to save mankind.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night,
    Brother to Death, in silent darkness born,
    Relieve my languish, and restore the light,
    With dark forgetting of my cares return.
    Samuel Daniel (1562–1619)