Dark Phantoms

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List Of Monster Allergy Episodes - Season 2: 2008–2009
... A Dark Tamer named Hector Sinistro sabotaged Zick's Teleskates to turn his entire body into ice, shrank him using a shrink ray that he stole from ... to help the ghosts in the forest, and turns out to be Dark Phantoms that were smuggles to scare people and to steal supplies 47 "The Bottomless Pit" July 13, 2009 (2009-07-13) 221 When ... When they saw Zick and Elena rehearsing for the play The Phantom of the Opera, they decide to join and help the play to attract themselves to people ...
List Of Monster Allergy Characters - Supporting Characters - Zick's Family - Zobedja "Zob" Zick
... When some dark phantoms in the house, he told Zick to use his new power to disintegrate the dark phantom, and help along with Zick and Jeremy to stop a Big Bonz Eater loss in the house ... When they learned about the alliance between the Gorkas and Dark Phantoms, he and the Thaur family tries to stop them but they were too many dark ...
List Of Monster Allergy Characters - Antagonists - Minor Antagonist - Dark Phantoms
... Dark Phantoms are ghosts that are willing to gain life by eating monsters and Tamers ... Some dark phantoms attack in a small to a large group, and they can fire rays that capture their enemies or prey ... These are the Dark Phantoms known in the series Bristlebeard the pirate, Lester the night watchman with his dog Briba, the Blacksmith brothers, Baht Belasco and crewmen of the Unicorn ...

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    Most days I feel like an acrobat high above a crowd out of which my own parents, my in-laws, potential employers, phantoms of “other women who do it” and a thousand faceless eyes stare up.
    —Anonymous Mother. Ourselves and Our Children, by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, ch. 2 (1978)

    But the dark changed to red, and torches shone,
    And deafening music shook the leaves; a troop
    Shouldered a litter with a wounded man,
    Or smote upon the string and to the sound
    Sang of the beast that gave the fatal wound.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)