Damnation (from Latin damnatio) is the concept of everlasting divine punishment and/or disgrace, especially the punishment for sin as threatened by God (e.g. Mark 3:29). A damned being "in damnation" is said to be either in Hell, or living in a state wherein they are divorced from Heaven and/or in a state of disgrace from God's favor. Those Christians in purgatory, the "Church Suffering", are not considered damned, because their stay there is not eternal, while people who are damned to Hell will stay there eternally.

Following the religious meaning, the words damn and goddamn are a common form of religious profanity, in modern times often semantically weakened to the status of mere interjections.

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Famous quotes containing the word damnation:

    Thank God, I never was cheerful. I come from the happy stock of the Mathers, who, as you remember, passed sweet mornings reflecting on the goodness of God and the damnation of infants.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)

    We had some port, and drank damnation to the play and eternal remorse to the author.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)

    That double-headed monster of damnation and salvation—Time.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)