Cypriot American

A Cypriot American is a citizen of the United States of Cypriot heritage or descent. Cypriot Americans vary in ethnic background, roughly reflecting the ethnic composition of Cyprus (80% Greek, 18% Turkish, 2% other, not counting Turkish settlers or citizens of other European Union countries resident in Cyprus). Most Cypriot Americans are of Greek origin, some are Turks, and there are also Armenians and Maronite Christian Arabs. Many Cypriot Americans, alongside English, speak the language of their respective ethnic group: Greek-Cypriot Americans may speak Greek (Cypriot Greek or standard Modern Greek); Turkish-Cypriot Americans may speak Turkish (Cypriot Turkish or standard Turkish); Arabic speaking Cypriot Americans may speak Cypriot Arabic; and Armenian Cypriot-Americans may speak Armenian, mostly in its Western Dialect form. In general, Greek-Cypriot Americans are members of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Cyprus, whilst Turkish-Cypriot Americans are Sunni Muslims, and Arabic-speaking Cypriot Americans are Maronites.

Despite their historically rural origins, early Cypriot immigrants settled mainly in large urban centres, with New York City habouring the largest community. The state of New York is home to the highest number of Cypriot Americans (approximately 2,587), followed by New Jersey and Florida.

Cyprus is a member state of the European Union and has an ethnic Greek majority. Cypriot Americans are usually classified as European Americans.

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