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Countersteam Brake
... steam locomotive that uses the engine (specifically the cylinders) to help brake the locomotive ... It uses the working principle of steam cylinders fitted with slide or piston valves such that, by changing the configuration of the valve gear, the motion of the ... direction of travel, changing the direction in which the steam cylinders have to work acts first to brake the movement of the connecting rod, which in turn slows the transmission of power to the drive of ...
Snifting Valve - Location
... superheater, the snifting valves are mounted directly on the cylinders or steam chests ... of this arrangement is that they admit cold air which cools the cylinders and leads to condensation when the steam is turned on again ... This causes air to be drawn through the superheater and heated so that it keeps the cylinders warm ...
List Of Eliminator Obstacles - Spinning Cylinders
... The Spinning Cylinders were introduced in Season 3 of the American version and were also used in the original UK and Australian versions under the term "Rolling Beam" ... The Spinning Cylinders were padded cylinders that spun with varying speeds, and in some configurations, different sections of the cylinder rotated in different directions or didn't rotate at all, forcing contenders ... Falling off the spinning cylinders was not penalized, but contenders who fell had to climb up rope ladders in order to continue the course ...
Saxon X V - Technical Features
... The steam engine was designed as a de Glehn four-cylinder compound ... The outer high-pressure cylinders drove the second coupled axle, whilst the inside low-pressure cylinders drove the first ... was a Walschaerts valve gear on the outer cylinders and a Joy valve gear on the inner ones ...
Mapleson Cylinders
... The Mapleson Cylinders are a group of more than 100 phonograph cylinders recorded live at the Metropolitan Opera, primarily in the years 1901–1903, by the Met ... The cylinders contain short fragments of actual operatic performances from the Italian, German and French repertoires ... while others are nearly inaudible), the cylinders have great historical value thanks to the unique aural picture they document of pre-World War I singers in performance at an ...

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    ‘Take the cylinders out of my kidneys,
    The connecting-rod out of my brain,
    Take the cam-shaft from out of my backbone,
    And Assemble the engine again.’
    Unknown. The Dying Airman (l. 5–8)