Cybersix is a series of Argentine comic books created by writers Carlos Meglia and Carlos Trillo. The series first appeared in Spanish in November 1993.

The heroine of the series is the eponymous character, Cybersix (more properly Cyber-6), a leather-clad, genetically-engineered superhero who by day operates behind the guise of a male high school literature teacher, and by night battles the monstrous biological weapons of her creator. She is aided in her adventures by her younger brother Cyber-29, who is reborn in the body of a black panther known as Data-7. The extended cast includes Cybersix's colleague and love interest Lucas Amato, a student named Lori who is in love with her male guise, a young streetwise boy named Julian, among others.

In 1995, the comics were adapted into a live-action television series, and again in 1999 into a much more successful thirteen-episode animated series by TMS/NOA, with positive critical reception from sources like the Pulcinella Awards, which first aired in Canada on Teletoon and was later dubbed in several other countries.

Meglia and Trillo filed a lawsuit against James Cameron and Fox Broadcasting Company, claiming that Cameron's 1999 television series Dark Angel plagiarized Cybersix. Trillo and Meglia accused the show from stealing most of the plot from the comic and its most recognizable elements. In a 2007 interview Trillo stated that he and Meglia weren't able to carry on with the lawsuit due to lack of financial resources, so they dropped it, although the issue is still a matter of controversy.

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