Cyber Planet Keys

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Galvatron - Unicron Trilogy - Animated Series - Transformers: Cybertron
... In addition, he can call upon a Cyber Key to activate high speed thrusters in vehicle mode, as well as a battle claw (Named as Death Claw in Japan ... Prime, and stealing a holographic map containing locations of the Cyber Planet Keys that could be used to seal the Black Hole ... dimension, Megatron schemed to used the power of the world-shaping Cyber Planet Keys and their focal Omega Lock to accelerate the universal degeneration created by the ...
Transformers: Cybertron - Plot - Cyber Planet Keys
... Cyber Planet Keys (Planet Force in Galaxy Force) are four mystical items that form the crux of Transformers Cybertron's plot in order to stop the black hole that is threatening the universe, the Autobots must ... The Cyber Planet Keys are formed from the spark of Primus, and were used eons ago in the Space Bridge project that was meant to link all populated planets together ... They were carried to various planets by four Cybertronian spacecraft, the Atlantis, the Ogygia, the Hyperborea and the Lemuria.All four are controlled by a device called the Omega Lock ...
Optimus Prime - Unicron Trilogy - Animated Series
... the locals of Earth, Velocitron, and the Jungle Planet during their search for the Cyber Planet Keys ... was drastically changed when Prime realized that the only way to acquire the Cyber Planet Keys from Velocitron and Animatros was to play by their laws ... which of them would be allowed to race Override for the Planet Cup ...

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    without luggage or defenses,
    giving up my car keys and my cash,
    keeping only a pack of Salem cigarettes
    the way a child holds on to a toy.
    I signed myself in where a stranger
    puts the inked-in X’s
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    The golden mean in ethics, as in physics, is the centre of the system and that about which all revolve, and though to a distant and plodding planet it be an uttermost extreme, yet one day, when that planet’s year is completed, it will be found to be central.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)