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Hinged Handcuffs - Styles - Double Locks
... locks have a lock-spring which when engaged stops the cuff from ratcheting tighter to prevent the wearer from tightening them ... Also some wearers could tighten the cuffs to attempt an escape by having the officer loosen the cuffs and attempting to escape while the cuffs are loose ...
Armbinder - Cuffs, Rods and Straps
... Another form of armbinder consists of the use of cuffs and straps to hold the arms to the side of the body, or in front or back of the body ... A series of cuffs, which can be made from various material such as leather or metal, are placed on the arms at various points such as the wrists and elbows ... These cuffs are then linked together with a webbing of straps, or a series of rods, to hold the arms in a particular position ...
Shirt Cuffs
... Except on casual attire, shirt cuffs are generally divided down one edge and then fastened together, so they can let a hand through and then fit more ... Some sweaters and athletic garments (both tops and pants) have cuffs that either contain elastic or are woven so as to stretch around a hand or foot and still fit snugly ... Divided shirt cuffs are of three kinds, depending on how they fasten Button cuffs, also called barrel cuffs, have buttonholes on the one side and buttons on the other (sometimes more than one, so that ...
Surgical Tourniquet Equipment - Contoured Cuffs
... Studies have shown that tourniquet cuff pressures can be substantially reduced without compromising the quality of surgical field by using wide, contoured cuffs ... Wide cuffs also reduce the risk of injury to underlying tissue by dispersing the cuff’s force over a greater surface area ... Standard cuffs are relatively narrow in width and are cylindrical in shape ...
Parts of Trousers - Cuffs
... Trousers with turn-ups (cuffs in American English), after hemming, are rolled outward and sometimes pressed or stitched into place ...

Famous quotes containing the word cuffs:

    We’re scientists, aren’t we? That’s one society where frayed cuffs don’t matter. We’ve all had ‘em.
    Walter Reisch (1903–1963)

    Desert rains are usually so definitely demarked that the story of the man who washed his hands in the edge of an Arizona thunder shower without wetting his cuffs seems almost credible.
    —Administration in the State of Ariz, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)