CTH may refer to

  • Catalogue des Textes Hittites, an index of Hittite texts.
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Confederación de Trabajadores de Honduras, the Honduras Workers' Confederation
  • CTH is the ICAO airline designator for China General Aviation Corporation
  • Chadwell Heath railway station, London; National Rail station code CTH
  • Commonwealth of Australia, when citing legislation (e.g. Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth))
  • Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality
  • County Trunk Highway, the designation for county highways in the U.S. state of Wisconsin
  • Capel Thompson & Homer LLP Transaction Advisors in Health & Life Sciences
  • A programming code for simulation of highly transient shock physics and large deformations such as in Shaped charge explosive devices. The code is developed by Sandia National Laboratories

Other articles related to "cth":

Confederation Of Honduran Workers - History
... The CTH was formed ten years after the legalization of trade unions in Honduras after a successful strike in 1954 ... In 1964, ORIT sponsored the creation of CTH, which received financial support from the USA ... The CTH supported the regime of Oswaldo López Arellano during the Soccer war in 1969 ...
Wisconsin Highway 122 - Route Description
... The route passes through a forested area and intersects County Trunk Highway E (CTH-E) before curving around Weber Lake ... It continues northward through the community of Saxon, meeting CTH-B and crossing a Canadian National railroad line within the community ... north of the community and continues northward to another intersection with CTH-B ...
Confederation Des Travailleurs Haïtiens
... The Confederation des Travailleurs Haïtiens (CTH) was founded in 1998 to provide a space for Haitian workers to organize collectively and promote a progressive agenda, such as opposing the privatization plans of ... Trade unionists of the CTH are based in numerous professions, such as education, artisan work, informal sector, port authority, transportation, and as pastors working ... Today the CTH is working on organizing in various sectors such as the ports, garment industry, economic development projects, educational programs, health programs, and a wide ...
County Trunk Highways (Wisconsin) - Description
... Routes may be labeled with a single letter (CTH-H), double letter (CTH-LL or CTH-AB) or triple letter (CTH-BBB) ...