CSV may refer to:

  • Clerics of Saint Viator
  • Confederación Sudamericana de Voleibol
  • Character Strengths and Virtues
  • Christian Social People's Party, a political party in Luxembourg
  • Community Service Volunteers
  • GM U platform, a minivan made by General Motors Corporation
  • Confederación Sudamericana de Voleibol, the continental governing body for the sport of volleyball in South America
  • Creating Shared Value, an concept linking competitiveness of a company and the health of the communities around it

In computing:

  • Cluster Shared Volumes, a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Clustering technology offering distributed access to Hyper-V virtual machines on shared storage
  • Comma-separated values, a file format (usually with .csv extension)
  • Certified Server Validation
  • Computerized system validation

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List Of Ministers For Communications And The Media Of Luxembourg - List of Ministers For Communications and The Media
1995 26 January 7 ... August 1999 Jean-Claude Juncker François Biltgen (first time) CSV 7 August 31 ... July 2004 Jean-Louis Schiltz CSV 31 July 23 ... July 2009 François Biltgen (second time) CSV ...
Luxembourgian Legislative Election, 2009 - Results - Results By Locality
... As in 2004, the CSV won pluralities in each of Luxembourg's four circonscriptions, and pluralities in nearly all of Luxembourg's communes ... Only four communes didn't register pluralities for the CSV (down from seven in 2004) ... The CSV's performance improved most markedly in Centre, where it increased its vote from 35.5% to 38.6% ...
Cluster Shared Volumes - Requirements
... To use CSV, a Hyper-V VM is configured and the associated virtual hard disk(s) are created on or copied to a CSV disk ... Multiple VHDs can be placed on a CSV that in turn are associated with multiple VMs which can be running on different nodes in the cluster ...
List Of Ministers For Defence Of Luxembourg - List of Ministers For Defence
... Dupong PD 5 November 23 ... November 1944 Pierre Dupong CSV 23 November 1 ... March 1947 Lambert Schaus CSV 1 March 14 ... July 1948 Pierre Dupong CSV 14 July 3 ... July 1951 Joseph Bech CSV ...
Community Service Volunteers
... Community Service Volunteers (CSV) is the UK's largest volunteering and training charity ... CSV was founded in 1962 by Mora and Alec Dickson, who also founded Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) ... In the 2004/2005 financial year, CSV had six operating companies with a total expenditure of £43 million, employing 944 full-time equivalent staff ...