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Music Of Final Fantasy - History - Spin-offs - Crystal Chronicles
... Another spin-off of the main series, the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series consists of Crystal Chronicles (2004), its sequel Ring of Fates (2007), and their spin-of ... She will not be composing the soundtrack for The Crystal Bearers Hidenori Iwasaki will be composing it instead ... in her albums she has described the musical style for the soundtrack to Crystal Chronicles as being based on "ancient instruments" ...
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring Of Fates - Plot - Setting
... Ring of Fates is a prequel to the original Crystal Chronicles, taking place thousands of years beforehand, before Miasma plagued the world, during the legendary ... In the original Crystal Chronicles, the shards of the Great Crystal, shattered by the fall of the Meteor, are used by the numerous settlements throughout the land to ward off ...
List Of Dreamcast Games - Licensed Titles
... Sega Sega E 102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue 2000 Crystal Dynamics Eidos Interactive EU 1 Acyumare! Guruguru Onsen BB 2000 Sega J Advanced Daisenryaku Europe ... Sega Sega U 1 Draconus Cult of the Wyrm 2000 Treyarch Crave Entertainment U 1 Dragon Riders Chronicles of Pern 2001 Ubisoft Ubisoft EU 1 Dragons Blood 2000 Treyarch Crave Entertainment. 17 The Out of Infinity 2002 KID KID J Evil Twin Cyprien's Chronicles 2002 In Utero BigBen Interactive E Evolution The World of Sacred Device 1999 Sting Ubisoft EJU 1 ...
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers - Development
... The Crystal Bearers is intended to be a more "single-player experience", as opposed to the GameCube installment which focused on cooperative play ... Crystal Bearers has had no presence at recent Square Enix events or on the Square Enix website (the Crystal Chronicles developer blog has not made mention of Crystal Bearers since June 6, 2007") coupled with the ... A trailer for the game was packaged with the Wii version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time ...
Music Of The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series - Creation and Influence
... Kumi Tanioka has described the musical style for the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles as being based on "ancient instruments" ... She will not be composing the soundtrack for The Crystal Bearers this role will be performed by Hidenori Iwasaki ... With Echoes of Time Tanioka wanted to go back to the "tribal" concept of the original Crystal Chronicles ...

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