Crvena Jabuka

Crvena jabuka ("Red apple") is a Sarajevo-based rock/pop band that originated in 1985, and since then has remained very popular. They were also a part of the so called New Primitives movement that occurred in the 1980s in the Former Yugoslavia territory.

Of the different lineups the band has gone through only two of the band's members managed to stay ever since the beginning: drummer Darko Jelčić, and vocalist Dražen Žerić-Žera who in the beginning played keyboards and sometimes sang backup vocals, but then switched to main vocals when Dražen Ričl died. The other two members that had remained in the band's lineup after the 1990s were Nikša Bratoš, and Krešimir Kaštelan. Guitarists were also changed and a new keyboard player was recruited as well in 2002.

Around the time of their 20th Anniversary, the band started to lose their popularity. To compensate for this two farewell concerts were organized that year.

During the Yugoslav wars the band was stationed in Zagreb, and underwent a long hiatus.

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