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In the webcomic Wish You Were Here, written by Si Spurrier and drawn by Javier Barreno (Vol.1) and Fernando Melek (Vol.2), former writer 'Shakey' (short for Shakespeare) writes in his journal of life on the island of Cava off of the coast of Scotland, where he and a handful of other survivors try to have some semblance of society while desperately trying to keep the wandering Crossed at bay. They learn that the Crossed plague can be transferred from carrion feeders who consumed the flesh of deceased Crossed, as a young boy became one of the Crossed after eating fish that consumed Crossed flesh; they also discover the Crossed can remember parts of their former lives if shown something that triggers a memory from their past, as a Crossed who finds a self-portrait of himself was able to slowly remember his life before being torn to pieces by other Crossed.

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