Crimean Tatar

Crimean Tatar may refer to:

  • Crimean Tatars, ethnic group
  • Crimean Tatar language, language of the Crimean Tatars

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Crimean Tatar People - History - After Ukrainian Independence
... Today, more than 250,000 Crimean Tatars have returned to their homeland, struggling to re-establish their lives and reclaim their national and cultural rights against many social and economic obstacles ... In 1991, the Crimean Tatar leadership founded the Qurultay, or Parliament, to act as a representative body for the Crimean Tatars which could address grievances to the Ukrainian central government, the ... Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People is the executive body of the Qurultay ...
Crimean Tatars In Bulgaria - Language
... Crimean Tatar is a Kipchak language from the Western Turkic language group which, however, has been strongly influenced by Oguz through Ottoman Turkish ... The Tatars in Bulgaria speak various local dialects developed in a foreign linguistic environment ... This process can be traced back to the pre-emmgration Oghuz tradition in the literary Crimean Tatar language (Boev, 1971, p ...
Crimean Tatar People
... Languages Crimean Tatar, Russian, Turkish Religion Mostly Sunni Islam, Minority Alevite, and Orthodox Christianity Related ethnic groups Krymchaks, Crimean Karaites, Kumyks, Turks ... They are one of the three subgroups of the Tatars, the others being the Volga Tatars and the Lipka Tatars ... Crimean Tatars speak Crimean Tatar, Turkish, or Russian, depending on locale ...