Credit Default Swaps

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Commodity Futures Modernization Act Of 2000 - Credit Default Swaps - Centralized Clearing
... about the “systemic risk” created by a lack of centralized clearing of credit default swaps ...
Collateralized Debt Obligation - Structures
... Cash flow CDOs focus primarily on managing the credit quality of the underlying portfolio ... A bank may wish to offload the credit risk to reduce its balance sheet's credit risk ... Instead, synthetic CDOs gain credit exposure to a portfolio of fixed income assets without owning those assets through the use of credit default swaps, a derivatives instrument ...
Glass–Steagall Act - Glass–Steagall Developments From 1935 To 1991 - 1980s and 1990s Bank Product Developments - OTC Derivatives, Including Credit Default Swaps
... banks began entering into interest rate and currency exchange “swaps” with customers ... In 1996 the OCC issued “guidelines” for national bank use of “credit default swaps” and other “credit derivatives.” Banks entered into “credit default swaps” to protect against ... Banks later entered into such swaps to protect against defaults on securities ...
Loss Mitigation - History and Causes
... naive to the quality of the mortgages, so they purchased credit default swaps (a type of insurance product without technically being insurance)for protection of inevitable ... In fact, credit default swaps were created during this time and didn't exist prior to the housing boom ... When homeowners began to default on their mortgage payments the bonds were proven to be too risky for investment ...
Subprime Mortgage Crisis Solutions Debate - Regulation - Derivatives Regulation - Arguments For Regulating Credit Derivatives
... properly regulate derivatives, including credit default swaps (CDS) ... Not surprisingly, the credit markets froze." NY Insurance Superintendent Eric Dinallo argued in April 2009 for the regulation of CDS and capital requirements sufficient ... "Credit default swaps are the rocket fuel that turned the subprime mortgage fire into a conflagration ...

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