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World Of Eberron - Creatures - Other Creatures and Races
... psychic connection to a quori, a creature originally from Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams ... Couatl — good creatures of positive energy — are responsible (with the aid of the dragons) for bringing an end to the Age of Demons 100,000 years before the campaign begins ... Daelkyr are extremely powerful, evil creatures from the plane of Xoriat, the Realm of Madness ...
Beautiful Creatures (album)
... Beautiful Creatures is the debut studio album by American hard rock band Beautiful Creatures ... Following the release of the album, Beautiful Creatures went on to promote the album, performing at Ozzfest 2001, from June 8—August 12, 2011, the Rolling Rock Tour ...
Darwin's Dilemma
... is a puzzle game in which the goal is to match creatures together ... After enough matches the creatures will "evolve" in to new ones, and these new creatures must be again matched so they can evolve, and so on ...
Celestial (Dungeons & Dragons) - Publication History
... Astral, Movanic and Monadic Devas appeared in issue #63 in the article "Featured Creatures." Planetar and Solars made their first appearance in issue #64's (August 1982) "Featu ... "Featured Creatures" was an ongoing series of articles where Gary Gygax released information on official creatures before their release in the upcoming "Monster Manual II" (1983) ...
Development Of Spore - History and Development - Gameplay Changes - Flight
... A flying creature was seen briefly in the GDC 2005 demo, but for a long time since that appearance, it was unknown whether it would be possible to make flying creatures in the game, though it is now known ... Many Maxis-developed default Spore creatures feature feathers and wings, and it is now known that they are functional and not simply decorative ... In a Gadgetoff 2007 seminar demonstration, Wright made a bird-like creature with large, feathered wings but it only flapped its wings and did not fly ...

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    True hope is swift, and flies with swallow’s wings:
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