CPF may refer to:

  • CPF Building, a high-rise skyscraper located in the central business district of Singapore
  • Controlled permeability formwork, a durability enhancing formliner used in construction
  • Close Personal Friend, a term used to distinguish real-life friends from those made and maintained principally in online fora such as Facebook
  • Color Protection Factor, a term used in the shampoo industry to refer to the degree to which a shampoo protects hair from bleaching by ultraviolet light

In economics:

  • Consumption-possibility frontier, a graph that shows the different quantities of two goods to which an economy has access for consumption
  • Certified Professional Facilitator, a professional certification administered by the International Association of Facilitators
  • Cobb-Douglas Production Function, widely used in economics to represent the relationship of an output to inputs

In organizations:

  • Charoen Pokphand Foods, the agribusiness sector of the diversified agribusiness conglomerate Charoen Pokphand in Thailand
  • Cherokee Preservation Foundation, an independent nonprofit foundation established in 2000 as part of the Tribal-State Compact amendment between the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) and the State of North Carolina
  • City Parochial Foundation, a charity in London, England
  • Coalition for Patent Fairness, a group of companies who are lobbying for reforms to the United States patent system

In politics and government:

  • Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas, an identity number for individuals issued by the Brazilian government
  • Central Provident Fund, the mandatory saving and social security plan of Singapore
  • Communist Party of Finland, a communist political party in Finland. The SKP was a section of Comintern and illegal in Finland until 1944

In science and technology:

  • Closed-cone pine forest, a plant community of coastal California and several offshore islands that consists of stands of Bishop Pines
  • Common Power Format, a file format for specifying power-saving techniques early in the design process for integrated circuits
  • Corky-stemmed Passion Flower, common name for Passiflora suberosa, a species of passion flower that is native to the Americas
  • Control Program Facility, the operating system of the IBM System/38 minicomputer

In transportation:

  • Church Point Ferry, provides ferry services from Church Point, situated on Pittwater in the northern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Canadian Patrol Frigate, such as the Halifax-class frigate
  • Ngloram Airport, Indonesia (ICAO code CPF)

In people:

  • Charles Patrick Fitzgerald (1902–1992), British-Australian professor of East Asian studies with particular focus on China
  • Claus Peter Flor (born 1953), German conductor. He played the violin as a youth, and later was a conducting student with Rolf Reuter
  • Cristiano Pereira Figueiredo (born 1990), Portuguese footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for F.C. Vizela on loan from Sporting de Braga

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... This scheme is applicable to all CPF members who use their CPF savings to buy an HDB flat ... member become permanently incapacitated or die, the CPF Board will pay the outstanding housing loan based on the amount insured ... For older CPF members, there is ElderShield, an affordable severe disability insurance scheme that provides insurance coverage to those who require long-term care ...
Common Power Format - History and Controversy
... Cadence Design Systems designed the early versions of CPF, then contributed it to Si2 ... Not surprisingly, the Cadence Low-Power Solution supports Si2’s CPF, whereas the Synopsys, and Mentor Graphics offerings all support UPF ... Magma supports both CPF and UPF ...
CPF Building
... The CPF Building is a high-rise skyscraper located in the central business district of Singapore ... of the Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) ...
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... The CPF has an appointed Country Manager and President, a Senior Vice-President, three Vice-Presidents, and other executive council members ... Day-to-day operations of the CPF are the responsibility of the CPF Secretariat and Assistant to the Secretariat ... Several standing commissions of the CPF are responsible for the development of cheerleading nation-wide ...