Coupler is a word used to describe any of a number of things:

  • A railway coupling device;
  • An electronic device, more properly, an acoustic coupler;
  • A telecommunications device known as a directional coupler;
  • A kind of laser mirror known as an output coupler;
  • A connector between two moving parts to relay the motion, such as a Universal joint or an Oldham coupler.
  • A device used on a pipe organ or harpsichord to allow a player to play multiple divisions at once, by means of "coupling" a division to another at either sub, super, or octave pitches;
  • A valve, specifically a tap, for controlling the release of beer out of a keg;
  • A short length of pipe with two female threads, see coupling (piping);
  • A sound artisu coupling (sound);
  • A quick coupler used in construction machines to allow the rapid change of buckets;
  • The name given to the floating link in a Four-bar linkage
  • Coupler is a data toll that allows coupling of data from different sources. Used in Electronic Data Exchange (EDI). Example is Microsoft Biztalk Server and eLife Coupler.

Other articles related to "coupler, couplers":

Cognate Linkage
... linkages are linkages that ensure the same input-output relationship or coupler curve geometry, while being dimensionally dissimilar ... In case of four-bar linkage coupler cognates, the Roberts–Chebyschev Theorem, after Samuel Roberts and Pafnuty Chebyshev, states that each coupler curve can be generated by three different four-bar linkages ...
Rat-race Coupler
... A rat-race coupler (also known as a hybrid ring coupler) is a type of coupler used in RF and Microwave systems ... In its simplest form it is a 3dB coupler and is thus an alternative to a magic tee ... The rat-race coupler has four ports, each placed one quarter wavelength away from each other around the top half of the ring ...
SA3 Coupler - Experimentation
... a working group for the replacement of the chain link coupler, which restricts the efficiency of freight railroads in a major way ... In Germany, coal trains with Scharfenberg couplers yielded unfavourable results in winter weather, other railroads did similar tests ... The coupler was named SA-3 ...
Hose Coupling - Types - Cam and Groove
... fluid transfer hose coupling that consists of a male "adapter" and female "coupler" ... by the "cam arms" on the outside of the "coupler" to effect a seal against the gasket inside the "coupler" ...