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The Country Wife
... The Country Wife is a Restoration comedy written in 1675 by William Wycherley ... women, and the arrival in London of an inexperienced young "country wife", with her discovery of the joys of town life, especially the fascinating London men ... Between 1753 and 1924, The Country Wife was considered too outrageous to be performed at all and was replaced on the stage by David Garrick's cleaned-up and bland version The Country Girl ...
William Wycherley - Biography
... to Wycherley's chambers in the Temple disguised as a country wench, in a straw hat, with pattens on and a basket in her hand, may be apocryphal, for disguise was superfluous in her case, but it shows how general ... It is, however, on his two last comedies — The Country Wife and The Plain Dealer — that sustain Wycherley's reputation ... The Country Wife, produced in 1672 or 1673 and published in 1675, is full of wit, ingenuity, high spirits and conventional humour ...
Restoration Comedy - Comedies - Aristocratic Comedy, 1660–80 - Example. William Wycherley, The Country Wife (1675)
... The Country Wife has three interlinked but distinct plots, which each project sharply different moods 1 ... The Country Wife is driven by a succession of near-discoveries of the truth about Horner's sexual prowess (and thus the truth about the respectable ladies), from ... Pinchwife is a middle-aged man who has married an ignorant young country girl in the hope that she will not know to cuckold him ...
The Country Wife - Stage History
1676), where he has the hypocritical Olivia exclaim that the china scene in The Country Wife "has quite taken away the reputation of poor china itself, and sullied the most innocent and pretty furniture ... Olivia's sensible cousin Eliza insists that she'll go see The Country Wife anyway "All this will not put me out of conceit with china, nor the play, which is acted today, or another of the same ... The Country Wife did in fact survive the complaints to become a dependable repertory play from 1675 till the mid-1740s, but by then public taste had changed too much to put up ...

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