Counties of The Kingdom of Hungary

Counties Of The Kingdom Of Hungary

A county (Hungarian: vármegye or megye; for the various names, their origin and use see here) is the name of a type of administrative units in the Kingdom of Hungary and in Hungary from the 10th century until the present day.

This article only deals with the period before the Treaty of Trianon of 1920. For lists of the individual counties see Administrative divisions of the Kingdom of Hungary. For counties of Hungary since 1950 see Counties of Hungary.

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Counties Of The Kingdom Of Hungary - Nomenclature - Names in Various Languages
... County head Royal county Latin comes parochialis / comes civitatis / comes comitatus, in later Hungarian várispán / vármegyei ispán / megyésispán, in later Slovak hradský špán / župan, in later German Burggespan / Gespan Noble county Latin comes, Hungarian ispán, Slavic languages župan, German Gespan Main county head Latin comes (supremus), Hungarian főispán, Slovak hlavný župan, German Obergespan Deputy county head royal county mentioned as comes castri / castellani by the then Latin sources ... noble county and later Latin comes curialis / vicecomes, Hungarian alispán / vicispán, Slovak podžupan / vicišpán, in German Untergespan / Vizegespan General Assembly Latin congregatio generalis, Hungarian közgyűlés, Slovak generálna kongregácia / stoličné zhromaždenie, German Komitatsgeneralversammlung ...

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