Counter Machine Models

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Although some authors use the name "register machine" synonymously with "counter machine", this article will give details and examples of only of the most primitive species – the "counter machine" – of the genus "register machine."

Within the species "counter machine" there are a number of varieties: the models of Hermes (1954), Kaphengst (1957), Ershov (1958), Peter (1958), Minsky (1961) and Minsky (1967), Melzak (1961), Lambek (1961), Shepherdson and Sturgis (1963), and Schönhage (1980). These models will be described in more detail in the following.

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Machine - Impact - Automata
... An automaton (plural automata or automatons) is a self-operating machine ... The word is sometimes used to describe a robot, more specifically an autonomous robot ...
... that had been pioneered on the IAS machine ... After two "rescues" from the scrap heap, the machine currently resides at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California ... Like the IAS machine, JOHNNIAC used 40-bit words, and included 1024 words of Selectron tube main memory, each holding 256 bits of data ...
Register Machine - Formal Definition
... symbolism to explain the actions of their models, but again they are responsible for defining its syntax ... A register machine consists of An unbounded number of labeled, discrete, unbounded registers unbounded in extent (capacity) a finite (or infinite in some models) set ... See also Random access machine ...
Technical (vehicle) - History
... earlier, to the horse-drawn tachankas mounting machine guns in eastern Europe and Russia ... Chad using unarmored motor vehicles, often fitted with machine guns and cannon of various types ... use of the Willys Jeep, this time fitted with a single.50 caliber Browning machine gun ...
Counter Machine Models - The Models in More Detail - 1980: Schönhage's 0-parameter Model RAM0
... Schönhage (1980) developed his computational model in context of a "new" model he called the Storage Machine Modification model (SMM), his variety of pointer machine ... His development described a RAM (Random access machine) model with a remarkable instruction set requiring no operands at all, excepting, perhaps, the "conditional jump" (and ... and (ii) generates the "address" in a specific register n to which the finite-state machine instructions (i.e ...

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