Costigan (Irish: Mac Oistigin) is an Irish surname and may refer to:

  • Daniel Costigan, former Commissioner of An Garda Síochána
  • Edward P. Costigan (1874–1939), US senator from Colorado
  • Francis Costigan, early Indiana architect
  • Frank Costigan, (1931–2009) Australian QC and commissioner in the Royal Commission on the activities of the Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union (known as the Costigan Commission)
  • Giovanni Costigan (1905–1985), historian
  • George Costigan (born 1947), a British television actor
  • Howard Costigan (1904-1985), American political functionary
  • Neville Costigan, Australian rugby league footballer
  • James Costigan, screenwriter
  • Peter Costigan, (1935–2002), Australian journalist, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne
  • Billy Costigan, a character in the Martin Scorsese film, The Departed, played by Leonardo DiCaprio
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Sailor Steve Costigan - Stories - Skull Face
... wrote the weird menace story "Skull Face" with a main character also called Stephen Costigan ... This Costigan is distinct from Sailor Steve Costigan, as the Skull Face version is a drug-addicted former-WW1 soldier suffering from shell shock ...
Francis Costigan
... Francis Costigan (March 4, 1810 – April 18, 1865) was an early Indiana architect known primarily for his work in Madison, Indiana and Indianapolis ... Costigan worked as a carpenter in Baltimore before settling in Madison, Indiana in 1837 ... According to historian Wilbur Peat, Costigan was Indiana's "outstanding architect" in the state's formative years ...
Charles L. Shrewsbury House - History
... The house was designed by Francis Costigan ... Francis Costigan, the architect of the Shrewsbury house and the nearby Lanier Mansion, was one of America's outstanding architects of the mid 19th century ... Madison was growing prosperous, and Costigan designed and erected residences and other buildings for its leading citizens ...
The TNT Punch
... "The TNT Punch" is a Sailor Steve Costigan short story by Robert E ... The story concerns Costigan entering into a grudge match in South Africa in order to raise bail money for another boxer ... Like all of the Sailor Steve Costigan stories it is told in the first person by Costigan himself ...
Skull-Face - Plot
... The story begins with Steve Costigan drearily waking in Yu Shantu's Temple of Dreams, a hashish den in the city of London, England ... When confronted by the doorman, Hassim, Costigan informs him of his lack of funds ... Bruised and bleeding, Costigan is helped to his feet by a young woman, Zulieka ...