Cora may refer to:

  • Cora people, an indigenous ethnic group of Western Central Mexico
    • Cora language
  • Cat Cora, an Iron Chef on Food Network's Iron Chef America
  • Tayfun Cora, Turkish footballer
  • Tom Cora, American cellist
  • Cora, an alternate name for the Greek goddess Persephone
  • Cora, shopkeeper in television commercials for Maxwell House coffee portrayed by Margaret Hamilton
  • Cora Walton, birth name of renowned Blues singer Koko Taylor.
  • Cora Cross, fictional character from the United Kingdom soap EastEnders
Other uses
  • Cora, formerly a separate genus of lichen, now synonymous with Dictyonema
  • Coronation Street, British soap
  • CORA dataset, free global oceanographic temperature and salinity dataset
  • Cora (rocket), a French rocket
  • Cora (hypermarket), a Belgium-owned hypermarket company operating internationally
  • Cora (restaurant), a Quebec-based restaurant that serve only breakfast and lunch meals
  • Cora (instrument), an alternative spelling of the West African musical instrument Kora
  • Cora, Wyoming, a census-designated place in Wyoming, USA
  • CORA, a typesetting language from Mergenthaler Linotype Company
  • Tropical Storm Cora (disambiguation)

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... for two months, but is shipped to live with her sister, Cora, who'd left when Ruby was eight, after the government finds out ... Cora Cooper-Hunter - Cora Cooper-Hunter is Ruby's older sister, though they look nothing alike ... Cora is a supernatural caretaker and tries to get pregnant throughout the story ...
Cora, The Indian Maiden's Song
... "Cora, The Indian Maiden's Song" ("The Wild Free Wind) is a song written by Shirley Brooks for his burletta, The Wigwam, sometime before 1847 ... In the song, Cora, the Indian maiden, is praising the wind "Oh! the wild free wind is a Spirit Kind, And it loves the Indian well." The song's chorus is It speeds her dart to the red deer's ... the wild wind blow.' In the 1847 London presentation of The Wigwam, Mary Keeley played Cora where she received high praise for her rendering of the song ...
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... Cora returned to Jacksonville in 1901 while the City was still in ruins following the Great Fire ... Business boomed and within short order Cora had expanded to partial ownership in several other "resorts" as well as building a grand tropical bordello at Pablo Beach that she called the ... On June 1, 1905, Cora married Hammond P ...
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... Santiago Gómez Cora (born July 25, 1978) is a rugby union sevens player for Argentina ... Gomez Cora is now a full-back for the Pumas ...
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... The first settlement was called Arraial do Sagrado Coração de Jesus ... In 1792, the church called Capela do Sagrado Coração de Jesus was built ... In 1839 the name was changed to Coração de Bom Jesus ...