Copper Sulfate

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Cu SO4 H2O - Toxicological Effects
... Copper sulfate is an irritant ... The usual routes by which humans can receive toxic exposure to copper sulfate are through eye or skin contact, as well as by inhaling powders and dusts ... Eye contact with copper sulfate can cause conjunctivitis, inflammation of the eyelid lining, ulceration, and clouding of the cornea ...
Burgundy Mixture - Synthesis and Composition
... Burgundy Mixture is made by combining dissolved copper sulfate and dissolved sodium carbonate ... Dissolved copper sulfate ratios generally range from 11 to 118 ... the sodium carbonate will crystallize out of solution, and the closer the copper sulfate to sodium carbonate mixture is to 11 ratios, the faster this process occurs ...
... Shakudō, an alloy of copper and gold, becomes dark blue-violet shibuichi, an alloy of fine silver and copper in a higher percentage than sterling, turns misty aquamarine ... own In a container made of glass, porcelain, or copper, dissolve 6g copper acetate, 2g calcium carbonate, and 2g sodium hydroxide in 150ml water ... liquid from the top just before use, add another 2g copper sulfate ...
List Of Commonly Available Chemicals - Reagent Index - B–C
... barium sulfate BaSO4 Lithopone Available from fine art supply houses in a compound with zinc oxide ... calcium sulfate anhydrous CaSO4 — Can be made from commonly available plaster of paris by additional heating to above 180C ... calcium sulfate, hemihydrate CaSO4·1/2H20 Plaster of Paris Easily available in hardware stores, arts and craft stores, and hobby shops ...
Cu SO4 H2O - Uses - Niche Uses - Chemistry Education
... Copper sulfate is a commonly included chemical in children's chemistry sets and is often used to grow crystals in schools and in copper plating experiments ... Copper sulfate is often used to demonstrate an exothermic reaction, in which steel wool or magnesium ribbon is placed in an aqueous solution of CuSO4 ... which is blue, is heated, turning the copper sulfate into the anhydrous form which is white, while the water that was present in the pentahydrate form ...

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