Convex Combinations

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Convex Combination - Related Constructions
... For more details on this topic, see Linear combination#Affine, conical, and convex combinations ... A conical combination is a linear combination with nonnegative coefficients Weighted means are functionally the same as convex combinations, but they use a different notation ... mean are not required to sum to 1 instead the sum is explicitly divided from the linear combination ...
Convex Combination
... In convex geometry, a convex combination is a linear combination of points (which can be vectors, scalars, or more generally points in an affine space) where all coefficients are non-n ... More formally, given a finite number of points in a real vector space, a convex combination of these points is a point of the form where the real numbers satisfy and As a particular example ... All convex combinations are within the convex hull of the given points ...

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