Conventional Decimal

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Algorithm Examples - Example: Counter-machine Versus Turing-machine Computation
... Positive integers (and 0) expressed in conventional decimal notation, one (unbounded) decimal integer per register ... "I N C" or "i n c" the instruction-operands are represented by decimal numeral symbols "3", "14", etc ... "sum(m, n)") will be represented as integers expressed in conventional decimal notation, one (unbounded) decimal numeral per register ...
Bijective Numeration - The Bijective Base-10 System
... The bijective base-10 system is also known as decimal without a zero ... As with conventional decimal, each digit position represents a power of ten, so for example 123 is "one hundred, plus two tens, plus three units." All positive integers which are represented solely ... a zero must be rewritten, so for example 10 becomes A, conventional 20 becomes 1A, conventional 100 becomes 9A, conventional 101 becomes A1, conventional 302 ...

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    It makes little sense to spend a month teaching decimal fractions to fourth-grade pupils when they can be taught in a week, and better understood and retained, by sixth-grade students. Child-centeredness does not mean lack of rigor or standards; it does mean finding the best match between curricula and children’s developing interests and abilities.
    David Elkind (20th century)

    No one who has lived even for a fleeting moment for something other than life in its conventional sense and has experienced the exaltation that this feeling produces can then renounce his new freedom so easily.
    André Breton (1896–1966)