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Milwaukee Project - Findings
... According to Heber and colleagues, by age six all of the children from the experimental group had higher IQs than all of the children from the control group ... Mean IQ was 120 in the experimental group and 87 in the control group ... By the time both groups were ten years old the IQs of the children of the experimental group had decreased to 105 ...
Moderation (statistics) - Post-hoc Probing of Interactions - One Categorical and One Continuous Independent Variable - Coding in Moderated Regression
... When treating categorical variables such as ethnic groups and experimental treatments as independent variables in moderated regression, one needs to code the variables so that each code ... Dummy coding is used when one has a reference group or one condition in particular (e.g ... a control group in the experiment) that is to be compared to each of the other experimental groups ...
Glossary Of Clinical Research - C
... (ICH E6) Case series A group or series of case reports involving patients who were given similar treatment ... NCI) Case-control study A study that compares two groups of people those with the disease or condition under study (cases) and a very similar group of people who do not have the disease or condition (controls ... medical and lifestyle histories of the people in each group to learn what factors may be associated with the disease or condition ...
Emotional Self-regulation - In Agitated States - Self-regulation of Emotional Stress
... and physiological processes under exam stress, Shcerbatykh conducted a test with an experimental group of 28 students (of both sexes) and a control group of 102 students (also of both sexes) ... stress levels were raised in both groups from what they were in quiet states ... In the experimental group, participants engaged in three self-regulating techniques (concentration on respiration, general body relaxation, and the ...
Resentful Demoralization
... Resentful demoralization is an issue in controlled experiments in which those in the control group become resentful of not receiving the experimental ... Alternatively, the experimental group could be resentful of the control group, if the experimental group perceive its treatment as inferior ... This may lead to significant systematic differences in the outcome of the control group, obscuring the results of the study and threatening their validity ...

Famous quotes containing the words group and/or control:

    The government of the United States at present is a foster-child of the special interests. It is not allowed to have a voice of its own. It is told at every move, “Don’t do that, You will interfere with our prosperity.” And when we ask: “where is our prosperity lodged?” a certain group of gentlemen say, “With us.”
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    Our culture still holds mothers almost exclusively responsible when things go wrong with the kids. Sensing this ultimate accountability, women are understandably reluctant to give up control or veto power. If the finger of blame was eventually going to point in your direction, wouldn’t you be?
    Ron Taffel (20th century)