Contractible Spaces

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Locally Contractible Spaces
... A topological space is locally contractible if every point has a local base of contractible neighborhoods ... Contractible spaces are not necessarily locally contractible nor vice-versa ... For example, the comb space is contractible but not locally contractible (if it were, it would be locally connected which it is not) ...

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    Though there were numerous vessels at this great distance in the horizon on every side, yet the vast spaces between them, like the spaces between the stars,—far as they were distant from us, so were they from one another,—nay, some were twice as far from each other as from us,—impressed us with a sense of the immensity of the ocean, the “unfruitful ocean,” as it has been called, and we could see what proportion man and his works bear to the globe.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)