Continental Divide

A continental divide is a drainage divide on a continent such that the drainage basin on one side of the divide feeds into one ocean or sea, and the basin on the other side either feeds into a different ocean or sea, or else is endorheic, not connected to the open sea.

The endpoints where a continental divide meets the coast are not always definite, because the exact border between adjacent bodies of water is usually not clearly defined. The International Hydrographic Organization's publication Limits of Oceans and Seas defines exact boundaries of oceans, but it is not universally recognized. Where a continental divide meets an endorheic basin, such as the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming, the continental divide splits and encircles the basin.

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Continental Divide - Examples
... North America The Continental Divide of the Americas, also called the Great Divide, separates the watersheds of the Pacific Ocean from those of the Atlantic and ... The Northern Divide, or Laurentian Divide, separates the watershed of the Atlantic Ocean from that of Hudson Bay ... The divide traverses very flat terrain, especially in North Dakota, causing many travelers to believe the sign marking the divide is a joke ...
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... Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad, Pitkin, goes under the Continental Divide (abandoned) Beavertail Mountain Tunnel, Interstate 70 and US 6 east of Palisade Busk-Ivanhoe Tunnel ...
Colorful Colorado - Geography - Continental Divide
... The Continental Divide extends along the crest of the Rocky Mountains ... The area of Colorado to the west of the Continental Divide is called the Western Slope of Colorado ... Drainage water west of the Continental Divide flows to the southwest via the Colorado River and the Green River into the Gulf of California ...
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... The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) divides the waters of the Columbia and its tributaries into three freshwater ecoregions, naming them Columbia Glaciated ... of the watershed, especially shrub-steppe regions with Continental climate patterns, precipitation maximums occur in early summer ... To the east, in northern Wyoming and Montana, the Continental Divide separates the Columbia watershed from the Mississippi-Missouri watershed, which empties into the Gulf of Mexico ...
Continental Divide (disambiguation)
... Continental divide can mean continental divide, a drainage divide separating drainage basins that feed into different oceans Continental Divide of the Americas, which separates Pacific-feeding basins from Atlantic ...

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