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Transport Layer Security - Security - TLS Handshake in Detail - Simple TLS Handshake
... is itself a record-level protocol with content type of 20 ... point, the "handshake" is complete and the application protocol is enabled, with content type of 23 ... Otherwise, the content type will return 25 and the client will not authenticate ...
GIO (GNOME) - Example
... g_printf ("\ === file-description ===\n\ Content type %s (%s)\n\ Size %lluB\n\ === description-end ===\n\ ", contenttype, contenttype_desc, g_file_info_get_attribute_uint64 (fileinfo ... break case G_FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN g_printerr ("** INFO Unknown file type.\n") break } } _g_object_unref0 (fileinfo) _g_object_unref0 (file) if (inner_error != NULL) { log_g_error (inner_error ...
Resource Description And Access - RDA Versus AACR2
... the cataloger is asked to record three separate data elements Content type (such as text, performed music, spoken word, still image, etc.), see RDA 6.9.1 ... Media type (this essentially expresses whether or not some type of equipment is needed in order to access the resource, such as audio, video, computer, unmediated, etc.), see RDA 3.2.1 ... Carrier type (expresses the actual physical form of the resource, for example audio disc, microfilm reel, volume, etc.), see RDA 3.3.1 ...
Filename Extension - Alternatives
... In many internet protocols such as HTTP and MIME email, the type of a bitstream is stated as the internet media type of the stream (also called the MIME type or content type) ... This is given in a line of text preceding the stream, such as Content-type text/plain Because there is no standard mapping between filename extensions and internet media types, mismatches in file type ... For instance, a content author may specify a.svgz extension on a compressed Scalable Vector Graphics file, but a web server which does not recognize this extension may not send the proper content type of ...

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