Contender can refer to:

  • Contender (stock character), commonly used in books, TV shows, plays, and films
  • The Contender (TV series), a boxing-based reality television series or its spinoffs:
    • The Contender 2
    • The Contender Challenge: UK vs. USA
    • The Contender 3
    • The Contender Asia
    • The Contender 4
    • The Contender Australia
  • The Contender (Robert Lipsyte novel), 1967 novel by Robert Lipsyte
  • The Contender (2000 film), 2000 film starring Gary Oldman, Joan Allen, and Jeff Bridges
  • The Contender (1944 film), film directed by Sam Newfield
  • The Contender (book), code name for an unreleased book by author Darren Shan
  • "The Contender", a song by Menahan Street Band on the album Make the Road by Walking
  • Contender (dinghy), type of sailing dinghy
  • The Contender (firearm), single shot, break-action firearm made as a pistol or rifle, manufactured by Thompson Center Arms
  • a variety of green beans
  • a song by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart from the album The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  • The Contenders, a 2011 C-SPAN series about influential American presidential nominees

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Soren Monkongtong - Biography and Career - The Contender Asia
... In 2007 Soren Monkongtong was featured in The Contender Asia reality show ... In the Contender Finale, Soren fought Sean Wright and won on points ...
Spidercage - Rules
... Contender and Gladiator are placed at opposite ends inside a three metre square cage with elasticated webbing on the sides and top ... On the whistle, the contender must climb onto the webbing and crawl around the cage to try to grab as many hoops as possible whilst evading the Gladiator ... The Gladiator's job is to entangle the contender within the webbing to slow down their progress ...
Lawrence Tauasa - Contender
... a contestant on the 4th series of the boxing reality show, The Contender and fought for the blue team ...
Super Powerball - Rules
... Two contender face two Gladiators on the Powerball pitch for 45 seconds and must place sponge balls into the baskets in the center of the pitch which the Gladiators are ... Gladiators were free to tackle either of the contenders but could not double team a contender ... As per usual Powerball rules, contenders could not claim a ball from the same end on two consecutive attempts and once grounded, a ball was deemed 'dead' ...