• (adj): Gotten under control.
    Example: "The oil spill is contained"
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Chemical Agent Identification Set - Specifications
... Chemical Agent Identification Sets were small glass vials, ampules or bottles which contained small amounts of chemical warfare agents or industrial chemicals ... Each set contained more than two dozen glass ampules, each ampule contained about 100 milliliters of chemical agent ... Used indoors, the sniff sets contained agent-impregnated charcoal and agent simulants they contained very little actual chemical warfare agent ...
Social Classes Of Tibet
... The middle division contained a large portion of the population and ranged from minor government officials, to taxpayer and landholding peasants, to landless peasants ... The lower division contained ragyabpa ('untouchables') of different types e.g ... The very lowest class contained executioners, and (in the Tsang code) bachelors and hermaphrodites ...
Chronicon (Eusebius)
... It contained a world chronicle from Abraham until the vicennalia of Constantine I in 325 AD ... Book 1 contained sets of extracts from earlier writers book 2 contained a technically innovative list of dates and events in tabular format ...
List Of Pump It Up Video Games - Zero (Arcade/PSP - Korea)
... Zero contained a brand new interface, now featuring previews of background videos and the ability for two players to play on separate difficulties ... Zero also contained the Easy Station, a mode containing a modified interface and a selection of easy songs ... The Mission Station contained sets of songs played with specific conditions that must be met when they are played - such as getting a specific amount of a judgment for instance ...
British Expeditionary Force Order Of Battle (1914) - Unit Strengths
... A cavalry regiment contained three squadrons and was provided with two machine-guns ... An infantry battalion contained four companies and two machine-guns ... A Royal Horse Artillery battery contained six 13-pounder guns, whilst a Royal Field Artillery battery contained six 18-pounder guns, or six 4.5-inch howitzers ...

More definitions of "contained":

  • (adj): Controlled.
    Example: "Striking with contained ferocity at my head"- R.L.Stevenson

Famous quotes containing the word contained:

    Nostalgia keeps dissolving the ironic narratives in which I have contained my past.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    The North American system only wants to consider the positive aspects of reality. Men and women are subjected from childhood to an inexorable process of adaptation; certain principles, contained in brief formulas are endlessly repeated by the press, the radio, the churches, and the schools, and by those kindly, sinister beings, the North American mothers and wives. A person imprisoned by these schemes is like a plant in a flowerpot too small for it: he cannot grow or mature.
    Octavio Paz (b. 1914)

    The train was now going fast. Franz suddenly clutched his side, transfixed by the thought that he had lost his wallet which contained so much.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)