Consular Immunity

Consular immunity privileges are described in the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963 (VCCR). Consular immunity offers protections similar to diplomatic immunity, but these protections are not as extensive, given the functional differences between consular and diplomatic officers. For example, consular officers are not accorded absolute immunity from a host country’s criminal jurisdiction, they may be tried for certain local crimes upon action by a local court, and are immune from local jurisdiction only in cases directly relating to consular functions.

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Consular Immunity - Consular and Diplomatic Immunity in The US
... Otherwise, yes2 No2 Consular Career consular officers Yes, if for a felony and pursuant to a warrant.2 Yes4 Yes No, for official acts ... Otherwise, yes3 No2 Honorary consular officers Yes Yes Yes No, for official acts ... Otherwise, yes No Consular employees Yes2 Yes Yes No, for official acts ...

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