Condorcet Methods

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Condorcet Method - Circular Ambiguities
... As noted above, sometimes an election has no Condorcet winner because there is no candidate who is preferred by voters to all other candidates ... is known as a 'majority rule cycle', 'circular ambiguity', 'circular tie', 'Condorcet paradox', or simply 'cycle' ... candidates, Candidate Rock, Candidate Scissors, and Candidate Paper, there will be no Condorcet winner if voters prefer Candidate Rock over Candidate Scissors and Scissors over ...
Condorcet Method - Definition
... A Condorcet method is a voting system that will always elect the Condorcet winner this is the candidate whom voters prefer to each other candidate, when ... The family of Condorcet methods is also referred to collectively as Condorcet's method ... A voting system that always elects the Condorcet winner when there is one is described by electoral scientists as a system that satisfies the Condorcet criterion ...

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