A concert is a live performance (typically of music) before an audience. The performance may be by a single musician, sometimes then called a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as an orchestra, a choir, or a musical band. Concerts are held in a wide variety and size of settings, from private houses and small nightclubs, dedicated concert halls, entertainment centres and parks to large multipurpose buildings, and even sports stadiums. Indoor concerts held in the largest venues are sometimes called "arena concerts" or "amphitheatre concerts". Regardless of the venue, musicians usually perform on a stage. Concerts often require live event support with professional audio equipment. Before recorded music, concerts would provide the only opportunity one would generally have to hear musicians play. Informal names for a concert include "show" and "gig".

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Lambeau Field - Other Events - Concerts
... Since the renovation, only one concert has been performed at Lambeau ... The last concert to be held at the stadium, prior to the renovation, was Survivor, in 1985 to a crowd of 13,000 ... The main reasons for the lack of concerts at Lambeau Field revolve around concerns of the team relating to potential damage of the playing surface and also the more ...
Anton Rubinstein - Pianism - Programs
... Rubinstein's concert programs were often gargantuan ... in his 1884 review that the pianist played more than 20 pieces in one concert in Vienna, including three sonatas (the Schumann F sharp minor plus Beethoven's D minor and Op ... series of historical recitals—seven consecutive concerts covering the history of piano music ...
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... The concert began at 1200 BST (700 EST) at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom ... The JFK performances and whole concert in the US ended at 0405 BST July 14 (2305 EST) ... (See the full schedule of the concert here ) ...
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... by Jackson, with the assembled crowd at Los Angeles Coliseum for the concert in 1972 ... Primal Scream sampled the Wattstax concert speech heavily for the track "Come Together" on their critically acclaimed 1991 album Screamadelica ... It was performed with band as part of a concert preceding the bout that was said to be the finest collection of African American entertainers ever ...
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... version of "4 the Tears in Your Eyes", which was played during the concert ... were all included in the initial promotional material for the Philadelphia concert, but failed to appear at the show itself ... the acts Peter, Paul and Mary and Rod Stewart (who also featured in the Philadelphia concert programme) ...

Famous quotes containing the word concert:

    Man is head, chest and stomach. Each of these animals operates, more often than not, individually. I eat, I feel, I even, although rarely, think.... This jungle crawls and teems, is hungry, roars, gets angry, devours itself, and its cacophonic concert does not even stop when you are asleep.
    René Daumal (1908–1944)

    ... in the cities there are thousands of rolling stones like me. We are all alike; we have no ties, we know nobody, we own nothing. When one of us dies, they scarcely know where to bury him.... We have no house, no place, no people of our own. We live in the streets, in the parks, in the theatres. We sit in restaurants and concert halls and look about at the hundreds of our own kind and shudder.
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)

    Science is unflinchingly deterministic, and it has begun to force its determinism into morals. On some shining tomorrow a psychoanalyst may be put into the box to prove that perjury is simply a compulsion neurosis, like beating time with the foot at a concert or counting the lampposts along the highway.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)